Where and When?

The event is held from April 24th to the 26th. We will start at 3pm on Friday at the historical MacArthur Court (1601 University St., Eugene, OR 97403) on the University of Oregon campus.

Who can attend?

If you are a student at a four-year accredited university, the application has your name on it! Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate students under 18 this year. All majors are encouraged to attend!

Will there be travel reimbursements?

Unfortunately we cannot offer travel reimbursements at this time.

Can we form teams?

Yes! We encourage people to work in teams of up to 5 people. You can request a team or leave it up to fate (i.e.: the QuackCon directors).

Will food be provided?

We will cover your meals from when you arrive until the end of the event. Snacks will also be provided. If you have dietary restrictions we will do our best to accommodate them.

What should I bring?

Anything you need to survive the weekend :) This includes a photo ID, laptop, chargers, toiletries (including a towel), a change of clothes and a sleeping bag, and something to take a break with like a good book or a card game.

Do I need to know how to code?

Nope! While coding experience might give you an edge when building your prototype, individuals will also need to pull on their design, public speaking, and entrepreneurship skills. But if you're interested, we've got you covered! We will have plenty of mentors and resources to bring you up to speed and support you along the way--including workshops and mini events.

I would like to volunteer!

We'd love to have you! Please fill out this form.

I would like to mentor!

Great! We look forward to working with you. Please fill out this form.

Any other questions?
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