QuackCon 2020

Designing the Future of Sports
Fall 2020
University of Oregon

Why You Should Come

What could you do with a waffle iron in 36 hours? Join us at QuackCon 2020, where you’ll have the chance to explore this and more as you spend 36 hours developing and then pitching a unique sports product design, networking, and eating free food! For decades, athletes and creative visionaries have flocked to the University of Oregon to follow in Pre’s record-breaking legacy, and Phil Knight’s ambitious footsteps. This is the place to have your most impactful idea yet! The event will be held over the weekend of April 24th to the 26th at the historical MacArthur Court, with product pitching and judging on Sunday. It doesn’t matter what your expertise is or where you’re coming from--we sincerely hope you’ll come join us at the University of Oregon campus, where we think about waffle irons a whole lot more than the average student.

Fan Experience

What is your most memorable fan experience? What were the circumstances? What would you do if you could recreate it and make it twice as exciting? In the fan experience track you’ll develop an ingenious idea to enhance how people engage with their favorite leagues, teams, and players. Last QuackCon, an exceptional team developed a pair of touch-sensitive gloves that lit up in the shape of the O!

Athlete Performance

Have you ever wondered about the technology behind the infamous full-body Speedo LZR swimsuit? What about Nike's Vaporfly shoe, a design which upended marathoning, gave athletes a 4% edge and made the 2 hour, 26.2 mile run possible? Your task on this track is to provide athletic improvement by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of athletes. This could include ideas ranging from in-game enhancements to new technologies concerning training routines, sleep, or nutrition.

Full Cycle Systems

Are you passionate about reducing harm on the environment and fighting climate change? Developing an idea on the full cycle systems track is a great opportunity to make a positive impact on the sports industry. Think: how could you turn a wasteful product into something that is carbon-neutral or even contributes positively to the environment? How can you preserve a significant fraction of resources and energy?


What is it about online shopping that’s so popular? Is it because it’s convenient? Feeds our impulses? Is available 24/7? If you’re looking to disrupt the ecommerce industry with a clever new idea, this is the track for you. Purchasing sports products is traditionally done in person. After all, you want to be confident that your new pair of Air Jordans fits just right. Take the time to think deeply about how you could better integrate the sports industry into ecommerce.



03:00 PMCheck-in
06:00 PMDinner
07:00 PMTeam Formation
08:00 PMOpening Ceremony
09:00 PMHacking Begins Intro Workshops


12:00 AMMidnight Snack Paper Plane Contest
07:00 AMBreakfast
12:00 PMLunch
03:00 PMSponsor Workshop
06:00 PMDinner
08:00 PMSponsor Workshop


12:00 AMMidnight Snack Basketball Shootout
06:00 AMBreakfast
10:00 AMHacking Ends Demos/Presentations
12:00 PMLunch
01:00 PMClosing Ceremony